Stenshuvud Nationalpark

Valentine’s Day excursion took us to Stenshuvud National Park south of Kivik on Österlen in Southeast Sweden. Rain and strong wind from Southwest was forecasted so the prospect could have been better, but Stenshuvud is always a fantastic place to visit. We parked at Hällevik and followed the yellow trail through the area with exotic trees along the coast to the light house. The stony trail passed the old quarry with the ruins of the forge. Before we arrived to Krivareboden. To get protection from the cold wind, we walked through the forest to the visitor centre and circumnavigated the top back to Hällevik. On the way we passed the alder marsh with spectacular reflections in the dark water. Many trees had fallen in the autumn and winter storms, so the forest looked rather mangled.

The cliffs and the forest gave good shelter from the cold wind, so we got a fantastic and enjoyable tour. We only saw a handful other visitors, that gave us impression of being alone in the wonderful nature. We recalled the situation when we were here last time, in the beginning pf the pandemic, when people waited in lines to go up to the top. At that time all spring flowers were in bloom and covered all open spaces with sparkling colors. We decided to come back when the spring flowers are popping up…

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