Lofoten is a Norwegian group of islands located north of the Polar circle.  The area is famous for its magnificent nature and unique landscape. Majestic mountains, dramatic coasts and turquoise water.

Some of the most beautiful and picturesque fishing villages are found on the islands, with countless red “rorbuer” (fishing huts built on poles) on the shores.

Culturally, Lofoten is known for its rich history and traditions. The islands have been inhabited for over 6000 years. The climate is perfect for drying fish without any additives, so called ”tørrfesk” (stockfish). Especially cod is hung on “hjell” (wooden racks) on the foreshore from February to May.  The fish is dried by the cold winds and is preserved through a fermentation process similar to the one for Parma-ham or well-matured cheese. Stable cool weather protects the fish from insects and prevents an uncontrolled bacterial growth. It is one of the oldest food preservations methods; it’s cheap and simple, and it can be applied by everyone. The dried fish can be stored for several years and is easy to transport. Stockfish is traditionally an important commodity and is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.

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