Rorbuer, a fishing hut, in Svolver on Lofoten, Norway. (LarJo-2019.06-08-4938)

We are planning for our visit to Lofoten this summer. It will be exciting to return to Lofoten, that have become an icon for the fantastic landscape in northern Norway.

Our last visit to the area was in June 2019, soon five years ago. It was an incredible trip in the magnificent nature. Circumstances made us to stay in Harstad north of Lofoten. Unfortunately, time didn’t allow us to visit the southern parts of Lofoten, that are the most well-known parts of Lofoten.

A selection of photographs from 2019 is refreshing our memory and is published in Projekts – Travels – Lofoten 2019.

Our focus this year will be the southern parts of Lofoten and we will revisit some places that fascinated us last time we were in the area.

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