Cranes (Grus Grus) and sunrise. (LarJo-2023-04-09-3399)

The nature reserve Pulken close to the river Helge å is a wetland and seasonally flooded grassland west of Yngsjö. The name “pulk” or “pylke” means small water collection. The shipping between Åhus and Kristianstad passed through the area from the 17th century and the shallow lake Yngsjö was difficult to pass. A canal, Graften, north of the lake made it easier for the freighters to pass.

In the evenings in March-April, thousands of cranes stop here after their flight over the Baltic Sea on the way north to their breeding grounds. They eat and rest as preparation for their continues flight. Occasionally they are fed on the fields in Pulken. They return in autumn on their flights south. In the sky, huge groups of cranes can be seen flying in impressive formations. Their yelling sound can be heard on long distances.

It is a verry special feeling in early spring mornings, to dress warm and bring camera, long telephoto lens on tripod trying to get pictures of the cranes. The bird watching tower in Pulken offers good views, but cranes can be found all over the vast fields in the area.

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