Our morning jogging tour starts bleak in fog. The spiderwebs are heavy of moist and the air feels dank. The fog makes the sea and land merge with the grey air that limits our field of view. Suddenly the air feels warmer when the first sun breaks through the fog. The sound from moving wingtips of a group of swans propagates over the water when they pass by on low altitude. Energy from the sun will soon create winds that clear up the air and it will be a beautiful late summer day.

The Priest’s Bathtube south of Vik at Hanö Bay. (LarJo-2022-10-29-3333)

During the years the Scania cost, especially the Hanö Bay, has continued to fascinate us and resulted in many photographs. The area offers fantastic sceneries with variations of light over the landscape. Stones and rocks give the motives dramatic compositions. Constantly changing currents in the sea, weather and light conditions create new situations and provides endless opportunities for photographers to find new motives. We will continuously revisit this area to find new places that offers exciting motives.

The new project “Rocks and stones in Hanö Bay” will be published tomorrow. The project is a collection of old and new photographs from Hanö Bay and it will have a long duration.

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