Washed up keel from a boat wrecked by the storm “Babet”. (LarJo-2023-10-29-6518)

At the end of October, Scania was hit by the storm “Babet”, leaving behind a damaged coast. According to statistics, it was the worst storm since 1904.

A couple of days later, we got the news that the passenger ship Marco Polo had run aground in Pukavik in Hanö Bay outside the cost of Blekinge. The wrecker is leaking heavy fuel oil that already had hit the coast of Blekinge. A catastrophe for the very sensitive nature and wildlife in the area. A lot of oil has sunk in the sea and no one knows where it is or when and where it will show up. Our already damaged coast is in the danger zone.

Two dramatic events in only a few days threatens our paradise at Hanö Bay. I searched my archive for photographs that shows how the coast looked before the storm. The project “Catastrophes on Hanö Bay” compares the coast before and after the storm Babet and reflects over the potentially threatening oil from the shipwreck in Pukavik in Blekinge.

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