“Blog” contains short notes and information about events. A blog is often refering to a “Project” or “Gallery”.

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Rorbuer, a fishing hut, in Svolver on Lofoten, Norway.
Lofoten 2019

We visited the fantastic Lofoten in 2019 and now planning for our next visit this summer. The old photographs givs us a lot of inspiration.

Hanö Bay with Stenshuvud on the horizon.
Our lovely beach

During the first days of the new year 2024, the shore of Hanö Bay was once again attacked by the eroding waves.

Coast of Hanöbukten at Rigeleje.
End of 2023

We wish you all a happy ending of 2023 and a phantastic 2024!

Ship cemetery at Tjurkö in Blekinge.
Ship cemetery at Tjurkö

The boat cemetery at Tjurkö has got a cult status amongst romantics and nostalgic.

Graffiti on a deserted house just before Bonderup on the road from Genarp to Dalby.
Graffiti in Bonderup

Griffiti – An unexpected surprise on the Scanian country side.

Rocks and Stones in Hanö Bay
Rocks and Stones in Hanö Bay

The new project “Rocks and stones in Hanö Bay” is a collection of old and new photographs from Hanö Bay and it will have a long duration.

Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, USA.
Adaption finalised

Adaption of the material published on LB Galleri to the new platform is now finalised.

Time for meditation, Hilton Waikoloa Village, Big Island, Hawaii, USA.
Active again

Time to “restart” LB Galleri.


Supermoon over Hanöbukten.

Norrsken i Alta, Norge.
Next step…

Next step in development of steg i LB Galleri. Photographs from the archive will be published.